Saturday, January 24, 2009

If ou have exhausted all traditional treatments and/or just want to save $, try alternative medicine!

Yoga for instance has been known to help back pain,accupressure,accupuncture can lessen other pain in the body,aromatherapy can help calm one down if they diffuse lavendar in it or even help breathe better with the use of eucalyptus oil,meditation can calm one as can controlling one's breath. Wearing chakra,gemstone and metal such as sterling silver and copper, has even been known to make one healthier and even in some instances wealthier!

Alternative Health as the Answer for expensive health care, for those with no health insurance and last resort when conservative treatments fail -article written by Ann REilly

Affordable Alternative Health and Aromatherapy as an Answer to Exhorbitant Medical Expenses or no Health Insurance!Alternative Healing explores Alternative Health options due to skyrocketing health costs, the many with no Health Insurance or as a last resort with failure of pills and doctor visits. Depression for one is a serious health concern facing many in the world today and for quite a few, pills and psychotherapy aren't cutting it! At a hundred dollars a pop, a doctor's visit is clearly not a way to go for many. $ 240. is the cost for a generic blend of depakote, a popular mood stabilizer, I for one was on to control my mood swings often associated with bipolar. Thank goodness I was on Medicaid lest I couldn't afford this! HOw about the many that can't afford it and are the working poor? Yes many do in fact work for minimum wage for places like Walmart, our biggest employer, but they offer no benefits especially medical. Despite the many hours some put in here, Walmart is notorious for keeping their employees below full time status so they can avoid sick leave,health insureance,vacation pay,birthday pay,vacations and the like that many other companies do pay! In fact it is so sad that Walmart even had to be pulled into court to pay insurance costs for their many employees! More

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